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Should I buy Alpaca's ?




Six of the important things to know before you purchase your first two alpacas. These are terms you need to have the knowledge on before you spend your money. If you cannot answer these question then you need to do more homework.

#1: Genotype. What does that term mean to you and what importance is it to my Alpaca Herd that I want to raise? If you can't answer that question then you need to do more research.

#2: Phenotype. What does that term mean to you and is it the most deciding factor in your decision to purchase alpacas? If you answer yes, then it is my opinion that you need to do more homework. E-mail me and I will tell you why.

#3: Marketing. After you have the knowledge of genotype and phenotype how am I am going to sell these alpacas. If you do not know the answer and do not have a plan then you could be in serious trouble unless you have lots of money.

#4:  Breeding- You have to breed to above average males with great bloodlines and learn all you can about breeding. You should be willing to do outside breedings to improve your herd. Why? If you sit down and figure it out, it takes 39 months to correct a breeding mistake. I believe that Breeding is the key in the  Alpaca Business and if you get into the business as a new breeder it 
should be on the top of your list to learn how to do it.

#5: Breed only to homozygous males.
#6: Do not breed to heterozygous males.

If you are lost on some of the above questions or do not have the answers then e-mail us and we will have a cup of coffee or tea and some cookies and talk about alpacas before you make a decision.


Yes you should buy alpacas and before you do please read six basic things that will help
if you decide to look at an alpaca or if you decide to buy some. They are number at the bottom.

When Lin and I bought our first alpacas back in 2004 we did not have one fence up at
Our five acres located just north of Miller One Stop on Hwy 2.

I will make a long story short. We went to an Alpaca Show in Post Falls Id just to
Look and learn something about alpacaís. We talk to 4 to 5 different farms and learn and got
A lot of information. We came up to this one farm that had 3 females and a male in it and the female put her head on Lin shoulder and started to hum. That was it. We bought
2 females and a male that day. Lin had forgotten her check book so I had to run the deposit out on Sunday. Lin called me at least 5 times on my cell phone and tried to talk me out of buying them. Lin is very happy today that I didnít listen to her.

So we went home and started putting up a fence and shelter for the alpacas that were going
To be on our farm in 2 weeks. The first major thing Lin and I learned is that you always have to shut gates behind you because alpacas love to follow you. We have a swimming pool on the side of our home and after receiving our alpacas and putting them in their new shelter we went in. About five minutes later we see our new female alpaca stepping into the pool. At 45 degrees Lin jumps in and pulls Allium out of the pool. She was just fine but Lin was really cold. So if you are looking for a lifestyle change in what you are doing then you should buy some alpacas.

If you are looking to start up a business where the whole family can be involved then
We invite you to visit our Alpaca Rose Ranch and see what we have done in the short period of time. We will answer your questions.

You have heard that a lot folks buy alpacas for their tax write off. I am by no means a tax expert but I will give you an example and I would recommend that you contact your tax man.
The quick and dirty of it . . .  say you purchase $100,000 in alpacas and are in the 45% tax bracket.  You will recognize $45,000 in tax savings by your alpaca purchase.  That tax savings can go a long way toward paying off the original cost of your herd.  If you finance the purchase of your animals it is a really great way to leverage into developing your herd. Many breeders, like us, will allow you to finance the purchase over four years with a reasonable down payment.  And during that four year period your breeding program can have sufficient babies (crias) to fund the full payment of your original herd and a healthy profit. So if you are looking for some tax breaks then you should buy Alpacas.

I donít have any land yet or my fencing and shelter are not up yet, can I still purchase an Alpaca. Yes you can but remember that you have to buy at least two
Of them. They need a buddy.
Yes, we offer up to one year FREE agistment with the purchase of any of our animals. After that year it is $90 per month per alpaca.

What do I do with the fiber? The fiber market in the US is just at the starting up point. The fiber from your alpacas can cover some of the overhead of your
Farm. You can have it process and then sell the end product either at your farm shop or if you have a web site. Yes another reason to buy alpacas.




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