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About Alpaca Rose Ranch

Help, Help, Help. That is what Alpaca Rose Ranch is all about. We have been in the Alpaca business since September of 2004. We went to an Alpaca show and Fell in love with Suri Alpaca's. We bought our first 3 Alpaca's with no fencing up, so we went back to our home located 16 miles north of Spokane WA in Elk WA and started to buy up fencing for our Alpaca's that were coming in October 2004.


One of the many questions we get asked about Alpaca's is what are they good for. Can you ride them, can you eat them (Heaven forbid) why Alpaca's? I hope that after you visit our web page we have answered that question. I hope we can raise enough interest that you will e-mail us for more information or stop by for a farm visit.


We got into Alpaca's because we fell in love with them when we first looked at them, and to make some money. We also like the tax break that you can receive from them during the year. We will get into that later.


The Alpaca was first introduced into the United States in the beginning of the 90's. People from the US placed bids on the Alpaca's they wanted from Peru and after a period of time they received them. The herd has grown to over 100,000. So has you can see people are buying them and breeding them for resale. With the addition of new breeders the herd will continue to grow at a rapid pace. To keep the herd going breeders have to keep education the public on their value of today and the future of the Alpaca's fiber.


There are a lot of Alpaca owners who were successful business people who were tired of working for someone else and the stress of working. I myself still have to work but my wife sold her business. She loves her Alpaca's. I look forward to the day when I can retire and enjoy the Alpaca's more than I do now. Every person who works 40 to 60 hours a week . I love to work on my roses, I relax and tune into another world. I believe every person in a high stress job seeks out a hobby to relax themselves from their job. We were helped so much by Alpaca Owners we wanted to pass that help on.


In the short time that we have been in the business we have found out how important it is to have good bloodlines. Our goal is to breed Alpaca's that are conformationaly correct., have great luster, and great fleece. In order to reach these goals we chose to breed to the some of the best males around to form a great foundation of females. Some of the bloodlines that we have are Bruxo, Inca, (two of the best males imported) Macgyver (top herdisre in the US for the last 3 years.) Captain Morgan reserve herdsire for the last two years. Please email us with your questions and we will answer them for you. Enjoy the site.