SRS Peruvian Keona  
White, 30035428, Full Peruvian
This young fine fleeced female is growing rapidly and we believe she will be ready to breed next fall. At five months, she weights 80 pounds. Her dam's cria last, a halter winner, also matured early and we have been using him to spit test our females. Keona is full Peruvian, 37 percent Accoyo. She has fine, uniform fleece that is soft and silky to the touch. Her coverage and confirmation, including bite, are very good. She has a gorgeous, wedge shaped head with straight legs and back. She has a sweet temperment and is easily handled. Keona is genetically impressive as a Torbio granddaughter, and a Uribe great granddaugther. Her mother breeds easily, has a large udder and has had effortless births, including her first birth as a maiden - all charteristics inheritable including early maturity. Her first cria, Maxine was light fawn and a stunning, cork-screwed locked lusterous female. Keona is bred badk to Radacon for a spring 2010 cria.


LCA Radacon
Beige, 824271, Full Peruvian
Radacon is a half Accoyo, full Peruvian male bred and shown by Latah Creek Alpacas. Radacon is a confirmationally correct, fine-fleeced extremely dense male with excellent definition of lock. He is the son of Accoyo Chief Qualchan, now standing at Riverstone Farm in Ohio. His full Accoyo grandfather, Ppperuvian Starbuck was noted for passing on extreme luster and fineness and is a relatively rare bloodline given that he now is deceased. Radacon's micron count was 20 during is show career and he placed well in several highly competitive shows. His first cria is on the ground and has excellent luster and fineness.



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SRS Peruvian Maxine

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Type:  Female Suri
Status:  Proven

Birthdate:  8/25/2008
Heritage:   Full Peruvian

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  31503037
Color:  Light Fawn


Maxine is a light fawn Full Peruvian 1/2 Accoyo female with dense fleece and tight, thick curled lock. Her confirmation is excellent and she has good bone density. Her coverage is excellent. Her top line is straight and her bite is good. Her legs are straight. She has great luster to her fleece which is silky and cool to the touch, and feels very fine (we took fleece sample and have sent it in).


SRS Peruvian Maxine

 She has a presence in the barn that is alert and inquisitive and she is independent. Her head is wedge shaped and her eyes are dark. She carries the foundation bloodlines of Uribe, Torbio and Starbuck. If bred to color, she would throw color. She has been an active and healthy cria, was weaned early and grew quickly and now is a yearling who will be ready to breed in the sping of 2010. This is a young female whose impeccable bloodlines, Suri vigor and overall Suri characteristics will contribute to your breeding program for years to come.


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LCA Radacon

Peruvian Keona


824271 300354428


Full Peruvian Full Peruvian


Beige White